Baby Massage Courses

What age does my baby need to be to attend classes?

Baby massage classes are suitable from 6-8 weeks to 1 year old although before pre crawling is better. Once babies start to become more mobile participating can be a little more of a challenge.

What do I need to bring with me to class?

Please bring along your own towel for baby. Don’t worry if you forget, we have mats provided which are cleaned after every class.

Do I need to bring along my own oil/lotion with me?

No. I will provide you with a little bottle of organic grapeseed oil to take home and there will be oil in every session to use.

Will I be able to feed/change baby during class?

Of course! All classes are baby led and you can feed and change at any time. Don’t worry about missing any part of the massage sequence as you will receive the sequences to take home and we always recap so you don’t miss out. I use venues which have changing facilities available and access for buggies/prams.

Can I bring older children with me?

Only babies booked onto the baby massage course can attend the classes due to health and safety reasons.

Can I bring my husband/partner/friend with me?

Each space in a baby massage course allows two adults to one baby to attend.

Do I need GP consent before attending?

For your own peace of mind, please seek GP consent before attending the classes if your baby suffers from any of the following conditions

*congenital heart condition *recent operations or surgery *dislocation of the hip/hip dysplasia

Is there anywhere I can purchase oil to use at home?

You can get organic baby massage oil – here
You can get organic grapeseed oil –   here

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