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Motherly Love in a Pandemic, Sharing stories of Motherhood during a global crisis

As we went into lockdown in March 2020 it was vitally important to maintain a sense of ‘community’. No longer able to run our in person classes such as Baby Massage and Baby Yoga we still needed that connection, especially for parents at this time. Inspiration from a photo of a Mum filling in her IVF diary I started a ‘Spotlight On…..’ series within our private online community. I was overwhelmed by the response leading to 30 stories being shared, including my own.

The stories were shared every morning at 11am and I had so many responses from the group saying how they would look forward to a new story every day or they would save up a few stories and read them at night when their little ones went to sleep. Everyone shared their own unique motherhood journey ranging from conception, IVF, pregnancy, mental health, medical conditions and my own story of domestic violence. Every day each story received love, support and no judgement at all. Kind, reassuring and supportive comments were shared and connections were made.

As part of my ongoing training with my provider Blossom & Berry I was taking part in a Growing babies and business with love 12 month course. As part of one of my monthly ‘Love Bundles’ we had the chance to watch Gayle, our mentor, talk about how she had published a book and this inspired me. I thought….I could do the same. I did not sleep that night thinking about it and the next day I made a cover for it, typed out ‘I WILL PUBLISH A BOOK’ and set about manifesting this type of achievement.

From then, it was all go and letting my Mums know if they would like to be part of it, organising and collating all the stories, formatting a book (which I had never done before!) and sending it off to be published along with that original cover I created after a long night of my brain spinning.

That cover, one I am proud of, with its many representations. A heavenly sky for those we have lost, even those we had not yet met and the ones we already loved. A ‘community’ of roses gathering together in our separateness and standing tall in our bravery of sharing our challenges and obstacles, ones in which we overcame for our bundles of joy. A rainbow, yes we will all remember this pandemic with an arch of 7 colours but it also represents all those rainbow babies too.

I have many special thanks to go out to the world but mainly to all my Mums as every story is so individual with all their own writing styles, humour, tragedy, worry, excitement and much more. We go through many different struggles in life but most of all human connection is what we all crave and a baby, a joyous event of bringing life into the world, is something so special but every journey takes you down different paths and you jump many hurdles to get there. Reflecting back some of the Mums have said how cathartic and healing it was to put their story out there and now they will have the status of being published and a book in their hands to treasure forever.

This collection of stories celebrates all aspects of motherhood from trying to conceive, pregnancy, birth, health issues, mental health and more. It will surely bring a tear to your eye but a hopeful joy as you journey through the stories and resonate with the cathartic and healing processes mums went through in their courage to share with the world.

~To Flourish from Birth & Beyond~

The book is available on Amazon below and we hope to raise money for various charities from the proceeds.

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