2018, what a year it was. It made me question everything. I was tired, exhausted in fact. I ended up leaving two jobs, jobs I potentially loved but my body told me otherwise. I was a Manager in a preschool and in the end, I was running on empty and lack of support in the field really made me hit a low. I had to go off sick as my joints seized up and my mental health took a turn for the worst. I thought having time to recover would help but this did not seem to be the case even by the end of the year.

I had always had the feeling that the whole 9-5, working for little money and feeling so stressed all the time was not the way I wanted to live but seemed stuck, trapped somehow in this way of thinking. Maybe this is why I spent so much time travelling and volunteering abroad, to find that escapism. I needed to change something but feeling so ill can make that difficult. I had been practicing yoga for about 4 years and loved the way it could make me feel better on the hard days. I had attended a few classes down in Carlisle and started going to a few of their workshop days alongside my at home practice with the wonderful adriene on YouTube. I still love yoga and now have a wonderful teacher at an evening class in a local, very beautiful, hall. I had always wanted to do some training in yoga and what better way to do this than to do Children’s yoga so I decided to look for some training. I did lots of research to find comprehensive training which would go along with my childcare qualifications. I decided to go with Caytenna Rodendas from Madrid, I am so glad I did. The training was intense and tiring but exciting. We were up in Glasgow and I meet some amazing people. I am building up my confidence to run classes in the region.

The idea of doing baby massage had been there for many years as I loved it with my son and it was the first parent group I attended and still do massage with him now, and he is 10. The support of my partner enabled me to go on and do my training. I loved it, it actually helped to start my healing process within myself. I was still feeling really ill and he drove me down to Scarborough to do my training, not only that he looked after my Son all day too. On my course we only had two of us and it was in a beautiful old church full of crystals and it just made me feel good. I passed my course with an A and feel quite proud. This training gave me enough confidence to just go for it and so Rose Wellbeing Therapies was born. I spent December just setting up this business and trying to recover. As I have been doing lots of reasearching and learning it has ignited a passion in me to go back to helping and supporting families in my local town having previously worked in a Social Work role for 6 years.

It has been such a strange and surreal ‘transition’ into 2019. I have started all this with no money and only faith. Maybe the fact that I have the most amazing supportive partner who is always chasing my dreams with me, and paying the bills, is why I can attempt all this. I feel tired still and have my low days but I hope that the ‘transition’ into this New Year will be where I change my life and the families and children around me.