Motherly Love and D&G Baby Loss Awareness

Having created our collective book, with many stories of loss throughout, we, as co-authors wanted to find a charity that would be of significance to our local community. On a post shared asking for which charities we could raise money for D&G Baby Loss Awareness was the only charity to be mentioned therefore I contacted them on behalf of us all. I was in contact with Lauren, who was very excited that we chose this particular charity. She shares her story with us.

In March 2019 following the loss of my son Robbie, with family and friends I decided to fundraise for a SIMBA Tree of Tranquillity, I had previously enquired if they had any plans for one in Dumfries and Galloway back in 2017 after we lost our daughter Taylor, when I lived in Livingston, West Lothian, but unfortunately they didn’t have any plans to install one. I then contacted them and told them our plans and asked how much we would need to raise. We set a target of £18,000 to cover the cost of a tree, a personalised SiMBA bench and money to cover the cost of landscaping and to cover the cost of leaves. 
Becky started a JustGiving page after she set herself a target of completing 2 tough mudders over the summer, and within 24 hours we already had £1,000! She later went onto raising just under £3,000! We then realised we had the support of the community backing us, we set up the ‘D&G Baby Loss Awareness’ group and thought of other ways to raise the money, we had people hold bake sales, we held a race night, various sporting events and we held ‘The Little Footprints Ball’ in October 2019, raising over £7,000. In total we have raised £27,289 for SiMBA, the tree will be installed in the Crichton Gardens later this year, and bereaved families can request a leaf to have engraved and attached to the tree. 
In total I have lost 5 pregnancies, and we want to make sure that anyone and everyone who has suffered any type of pregnancy loss, can have the tree as somewhere to go and to remember and reflect. 
Now we have fundraised for the tree, we felt there was still areas that could be improved, and have a few ideas on what we could do, to make this awful experience even a little easier to cope with. 
Lynsi Mills and myself have became ambassadors for an organisation called CRADLE. We will be providing comfort bags for women who are admitted to the hospital following pregnancy loss, and provide them with toiletries and signpost them to the support that is out there.

The book Motherly Love in a Pandemic: Sharing stories of Motherhood during a global crisis will donate some proceeds from sales to D&G Baby Loss Awareness and Rose Wellbeing Therapies will offer continued support to the charity starting with a ‘virtual raffle’ in the coming weeks. We hope that when our in person support is up and running again that we can provide further support.

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