Oh my ‘Thai’…

I had become interested in Thai Massage after I had one locally, in Dalbeattie with the lovely Noi. It really interested me as it was so different to, what we call, ‘regular massage’. I then discovered it again on my Children’s Yoga Teacher Training with Caytenna and after we learned a simple but effective sequence on our training I immediately went home and wanted to try it out with my Son and my Partner. I always like to read and learn new things and decided after I started doing Baby Massage to incorporate this into my business. What better way than to create a short workshop for parents.

Introduction to Thai Massage

Thai Massage was developed more than 2,500 years ago by Jivaka Kumar Bhacca. Bhacca is referred to as ‘The Father’. Thai healers give thanks to the Father doctor before and after every massage. It originated in Northern India and comes from a combination of Thai, Chinese, Indian and Souteast Asian culture.

Jivaka Kumat Bhacca gave many thanks to his mother, as she gave him his first massage. Mother’s are honoured as they too will receive their first massage from their Mother’s but also the first massage they may ever give is to their own babies. I think this is where, for me, doing a workshop came into my mind. I will always want to find ways to honour Mother’s.

Nuad Bo Rarn, literally translated as “ancient massage”, is a unique and comprehensive style of bodywork. Unlike its western counterpart, Nuad Bo Rarn, or Thai massage is performed on a mat on the floor and the client is fully clothed. Thai massage combines acupressure, yoga and massage to create a truly holistic massage experience.

There are two styles of Thai massage, Southern style or Wat Pho style and Northern style. These two styles of Thai massage come from the two original schools of Thai massage. Southern style originated at Wat Pho in Bangkok and Northern style comes from the Old Medicine Hospital in Chiang Mai. Both schools are still in operation today.

Although both styles of Thai massage have the same basic foundation there are considerable differences between the two massages. Southern style focuses primarily on acupressure and energy lines and employs a much stronger pressure. Northern style is slower and gentler (yet this is still a very strong massage) and focuses more on the yoga like stretching. Northern style Thai massage is what is most commonly practiced in the United Kingdom. In my workshops we will be learning Northern style Thai massage.

More recently, I had started some training with Mark Perren-Jones from Australia. This led to me learning more techniques and sequences. He also emphasised the benefits of Thai Massage for Babies and Young Children, ping….yet again…this concluded that creating a workshop would be a fabulous way to do something different and to give parents tools which will benefit them and their children for many years. I also attended a short workshop….yes I dragged my partner along for the ride….in Glasgow and we learned a lovely sequence as a couple….aaaawwww!!

Benefits of Thai Massage

  • Relaxes Muscles and relieves pain
  • Treat energy blockages
  • Increases Muscle flexibility
  • Improves Joint motions and postural alignments
  • Improves the immune system
  • Regulates digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems
  • Healthy development of body mind and spirit
  • Encourages deep & longer sleep
  • Beneficial to the muscular & Nervous system

What to expect from the Workshop

I have developed this workshop on my own and it is something I hope parents come away from feeling like they have learned something new and that it will be part of their family routine or for fun for many years to come. We will do the workshop over the course of 1 1/2 or 2 hours and it will be very relaxed and of course, baby and child led.

We will discover a little history of Thai Massage before learning a full body massage incorporating stretches, kneading, strokes and massage which can be fully clothed or not. This can range from babies from 6-8 weeks up to teenagers and adults. I will also incorporate some added in techniques for older children and adults to take away with you and try out at home. I hope you enjoy the workshop just as much as I have creating it! And, if you know me well enough, you will know there may be a little gift added in. 🙂

To find out when the next workshop is on, check out Facebook or send over an email to rosewtherapies@gmail.com.

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